Police and Gendarmerie Intervene to Restrict Social Activities

As part of the preventive measures taken to control the epidemic in Morocco, the National Security and the Royal Gendarmerie intervened on Wednesday in the streets of many Moroccan cities, especially those where cases of Coronavirus infection have been recorded, to urge citizens to stay at home and limit their movements, according to a joint statement by the Ministries of Interior and Health.

The statement called on all citizens to respect the “sanitary isolation” in the homes, as a necessary preventive measure at this sensitive stage to limit the spread of the virus, and to leave their homes only in case of extreme necessity, to go shopping, to seek medical care or to go to work, adding that local authorities and public forces will work to make these measures operational and to ensure that they are respected by citizens, in the interest of the Moroccan people.

The statement also reassured citizens about the availability in shops and commercial spaces in all regions of the Kingdom of foodstuffs and essential products necessary for the general functioning of daily life, stressing that there is no reason for concern in this regard and recalling the need to ensure compliance with the rules of hygiene and physical safety announced by the health authorities.

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