Casablanca: Grand Taxis Increase Fares Because of Coronavirus

“Opportunity makes a thief,” as the saying goes. And in Casablanca, in these gloomy times, the sad occasion is the Coronavirus, the opportunistic thieves are the grand taxis of the economic capital.

It is true that the authorities have decided that the grand taxis should henceforth be content to take only 3 clients, instead of 6, as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid-19. And this decision has resulted, on the part of some professionals in the sector, in an increase in the price of the ride!

Thus, since the evening of Wednesday, March 18, drivers of large Casablanca taxis have unanimously increased the fare, according to a source from Le Site Info. Reacting in this opportunistic and profitable way to the fact of being able to take on board only three passages. Faced with a given fact, the citizens had as a solution to simply accept and pay the new fare in order to take this means of transport to which they have become accustomed to get to their places of work and to return home peacefully.

For their part, the Casablanca taxi-drivers tried to explain this unexpected increase by referring to the revenue they have to give to the taxi owner at the end of each month. This would explain, according to them, why it is financially impossible for them to take on board only three passengers with the same old fare.

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