The Opportunity to Donate to the Coronavirus Fund Is Open to all Moroccans

Following the requests made by many citizens, through social networks, expressing their wish to contribute to the Coronavirus Fund, which His Majesty King Mohammed VI created with the aim of addressing the repercussions of the epidemic on the Moroccan economy and particularly on its sensitive sectors, the Ministry of Economy and Finance announced the opening of a special bank account, whose identifier is : 001810007800020110620221, opened at Bank Al-Maghrib – Rabat, to receive contributions from Moroccans, established in Morocco as well as abroad.

Donations will be deposited on this account in the name of the ministerial treasurer at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Reform of Administration, or at the Treasurers General of the Kingdom. For their part, Moroccans residing abroad may deposit their contributions with the Treasurers of diplomatic and consular missions.

It should be emphasized that since the creation of this fund, many well-known businessmen have been eager to contribute large sums of money to it. These include billionaire Aziz Akhennouch, who holds the post of Minister of Agriculture, billionaire and banker Othman Benjelloun, as well as many banking institutions, in addition to the Royal Holding Al Mada. Members of the government, parliamentarians and presidents of constitutional bodies also donated their one-month salaries.

It is expected that the amounts of this fund will be used to rehabilitate the health system, support the national economy, cover the costs of maintaining jobs and mitigate the social impact of the Corona outbreak.

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