Very Good News: Abdelhak Nouri Is out of his Coma

Moroccan international Abdelhak Nouri, a player at Ajax Amsderdam, has come back to life after almost 3 years in a coma, more exactly 2 years and 9 months!

The player’s brother, Abderrahim, announced the good news on Thursday 26 March. Abdelhak Nouri has been in a coma since 8 July 2017, after suffering a cardiac arrest during a friendly match in Austria between his club and Werder Bremen.

Another of the player’s brothers, Mohamed Nouri, assured a Dutch TV program that Abdelhak’s health is improving day by day. But that he is still bedridden and has not yet been able to speak. Abdelhak Nouri sleeps, eats and frowns as means of communication with his relatives.

Abdelhak Nouri, a talented 22-year-old footballer, collapsed on the pitch after suffering a cardiovascular accident during a friendly match between Ajax of Amserdam and Werder Bremen of Germany on 8 July 2017 in Austria.

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