Coronavirus: A Touching Message from an American to Moroccans (VIDEO)

Thierry, an American tourist stuck in Morocco after the Kingdom’s decision to suspend its international links, thanked the Moroccans for their hospitality.

In a video posted on his Youtube channel, the US national, who is currently stuck in Rabat, said he had received a great deal of help from his neighbors, who offered him pillows, sheets and towels. He added that he was surprised and touched by such kindness and generosity.

The American called on his subscribers to travel to Morocco after the health crisis ended. He stressed that the Kingdom is full of diversified assets, including the beauty of its landscapes and its varied gastronomy.

Thierry spent three weeks in Morocco, during which he visited southern regions such as Toudghi and Tinghir. He also visited Chefchaouen before going to Rabat.

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