Good News for Moroccans Living in France (PHOTO)

Hélène Le Gal announced good news to Moroccans living in France. The French ambassador to the Kingdom indicated this Friday on her Twitter account that visas and residence permits are extended for three months.

“For Moroccans currently in France: visas and residence permits are extended by three months. For the French in Morocco: your visas are also extended, the regularization will take place later”, said the ambassador.

The Paris police prefecture had made the same announcement on March 16, explaining that the decision was taken in order to secure the presence on the territory of foreigners in a regular situation and to avoid any questioning of rights in a health context that does not allow prefectures to process their applications in normal conditions.

“In view of the health context linked to the spread of the Covid-19, the reception of applicants for residence permits in prefectures is suspended until further notice. The period of validity of the following documents, which would expire on 16 March, will be extended by three months: long-stay visas, residence permits of any kind, with the exception of special residence permits issued to foreign diplomatic and consular staff, provisional residence permits, certificates of asylum applications and receipts for applications for residence permits”, reads the prefecture’s statement.

“This measure is applicable on national territory. Foreigners with an expired permit benefiting from this extension are advised not to leave French territory, as they may encounter difficulties in re-entering the country”, it is added.

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