FNIR Reassures the National Market about Rice Supply

As part of the state of sanitary emergency decreed by Morocco to fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the National Interprofessional Federation of Rice (FNIR) reassured consumers on Thursday on the continuity and regularity of the supply of rice to the domestic market.

In a press release, the FNIR confirmed that the stocks available at the level of industrial units far exceed the needs of national consumers, i.e. the coverage of milled rice needs for 9 months. It adds that all the stakeholders in the sector, namely producers, cooperatives and industrialists are making great efforts to ensure the steady and regular supply of rice production to the domestic market.

The Federation notes that production for the current rice season will start from the last few days of September 2020.

The FNIR also ensures that the sale prices to wholesalers and retailers are not subject to speculation and are within the reach of consumers at the usual prices.

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