Swiss “doctor”: Coronavirus Epidemic Will Last for a Year and a Half

A video from a Swiss “doctor” named Pascal Borel warned of the dangerous repercussions of the Coronavirus, pointing out that it could continue to spread for about a year and a half, as was the case with Spanish fever, adding that to counter it, all types of contact between humans will have to be cut off, and not just quarantine or social distance.

The “doctor”, who posted the video on YouTube, recommended to the whole world to respect the quarantine and to completely stop all activities, except for 5% of people around the world, such as doctors and nurses, until the virus is completely controlled and prevented from being transmitted between healthy people, due to the destruction of its viral load. Only then can no case of Corona infection be recorded.

As for how the spread of the virus can be stopped, Borrell said a return to the “ancient wisdom” is what can save humanity, especially since the development of a vaccine requires a long period of up to 18 months, during which time all activities will be impacted, economies crippled and professions such as aviation may disappear.

He said, “It’s true that today we have the capacity to do biological analysis and develop vaccines, but our ancestors had an accurate observation, which is beyond the power of ours, because that’s all they had at their disposal, and that’s what led them to quarantine,” he said, adding, “They talked about 40 days, not 15 or 20. The Corona family of viruses has been around for millions of years. Our ancestors concluded that the virus has an incubation period of 5 to 7 days and can incubate for up to 20 days without symptoms. If symptoms appear, it will take 10 days for immunity to develop. The incubation period of the virus is 4 to 5 days, to which a margin of 5 days must be added, thus indicating the period necessary to completely counter the spread of the virus. This is almost the only way to stop this epidemic.

Borel warned against a rapid return to normal activity immediately after recovering from a Coronavirus infection, considering this to be “a big mistake”, as exposure to a second attack of the virus would be “fatal”.

The information contained in the video, entitled “Corona Virus: Immediate and Future Dangers”, has angered many professionals, including a Canadian physician, a specialist in immunology and biological sciences, who described the information as “wrong” and ” worrying”, especially with regard to exposure to a second attack of the virus, stating that the number of people infected for the second time with the virus is very low and that the immune system is adapting to this infection.

It should be remembered that the Swiss Pascal Borel worked in the importation of pineapples and that he confirmed in several of his statements, having studied science, in a self-taught way!

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