Coronavirus: “Marathon des Sables” Postponed to September

The 35th edition of the “Marathon des Sables”, a mythical trail with stages run in self-sufficiency in the Moroccan desert and scheduled from 3 to 13 April, has been postponed to September due to the outbreak of new Coronavirus.

“In view of the more than worrying news and the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Morocco dated March 4, 2020 concerning the increasing spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), there is a very strong probability that the 35th “Marathon des Sables” is prohibited,” said a statement from the organizers on Monday.

“As a precautionary principle, we prefer to anticipate and take our responsibilities one month before the initial start. (…) This 35th edition is postponed to the period from 18 to 28 September 2020,” the press release added.  

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