Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Living Abroad: Virtual Exhibitions on “e-taqafa.ma”

Good news for art lovers. They no longer have to wait until the end of the health emergency state to visit exhibitions. The Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans living abroad offers them 26 online guided tours of exhibitions organized at the Rivages space via the Moroccan Virtual Cultural Center “e-taqafa.ma”.

Toiles by the Belgian-Moroccan artist Adil Haouata

Pictures of works created by Moroccan artists, catalogues, videos of openings… the visitor has a wide choice to entertain and change his/her mood in this period of self-isolation. You can visit the inaugural exhibition of the Rivages space “Ode to Woman” by the artist Rachid Sebti or the series of paintings by the Belgian-Moroccan artist Adil Haouata presented in 2017 on the theme “The afterlife”. The artist-painter, draftsman and graphic designer Adil Haouata carries out a pictorial research initiated by an intensive work on “the doors” and then “the border”. This research has become his favorite subject. According to him, it is at the origin of the current world conflicts. Banishing the idea of borders, he refuses to be an immigrant, since he feels that he has never left Morocco in his heart. The exhibition of this laureate of the École supérieure des beaux-arts in Casablanca and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels focuses on the incorporation of materials, different creative processes and colors, especially black and white, into a coherent whole.

“Depth” by the Spanish-Moroccan artist Monia Touiss

E-taqafa.ma also presents the exhibition “Depth” by the Spanish-Moroccan artist Monia Touiss. This Moroccan-born ceramic artist engraver defines her creation as a “silent poetry” conceived of luminous rhymes through the mastery of perspective, composition and transparency of colors. Each poem reflects a state of mind, a particular sensitivity or a reaction to a source of inspiration. The chromatic chords of Touiss’s paintings also evoke Mediterranean landscapes that recall her cultural roots and her particular attachment to this universe.

A graduate of the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan, Monia moved to Granada and then to Barcelona in 1993 to pursue her higher education in Spain. She is also a lecturer and professor of plastic arts.

“Oxymore Suite” by the Moroccan-French photographer Ibn El Farouk

On e-taqafa.ma you can visit the exhibition “Oxymore Suite” by the French-Moroccan artist-photographer Ibn El Farouk. As a research photographer, this artist focuses on experimental photography which, far from being a representation of reality, reveals itself as an abstraction, a poetry… which creates echoes with other forms of artistic expression, especially painting. Sensitive to all light emanations, Ibn El Farouk’s photography is meant to be autonomous. The subjectivity of the photographer and the target defines it. Ibn El Farouk has a degree in plastic arts and contemporary art, specializing in contemporary art and new media, and was a researcher at the laboratory of Image Arts and Contemporary Art at the University of Paris 8.

“Visione Misteriose” by the Moroccan-Italian artist Ahmed Hamid Bouziane

Among the exhibitions presented online by the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Living Abroad, one can explore “Visione Misteriose” by the Moroccan-Italian artist Ahmed Hamid Bouziane. The creation of this painter and sculptor is a catharsis in which the suffering, frustrations and uneasiness linked to his emigration are recurring themes. Dialogue is fundamental for Bouziane. His paintings are an exchange with characters whose faces or features are drawn or shaped, giving the paintings a disturbing appearance. By diversifying the choice of colors and materials, Bouziane’s work is also inspired by the massive displacement of refugees fleeing war, terrorism, poverty, hunger … in search of a better life.

The artist has a degree in architecture and urbanism. He emigrated to Italy to study in art schools such as the Centro Studi Muratori in Modena. He became a pupil of the master Sandro Pippino, a great Italian artist, and then began further studies in sculpture and created terracotta works with his master Father Romano Volpari. Bouziane was also interested in glass incision and painting on silk.

“Mutation(s)” by the Moroccan-Belgian painter Hamida Ouassini

The exhibition “Mutation(s)” of the Moroccan-Belgian painter Hamida Ouassini is also available for virtual visit. The artist first expressed herself through photography and then moved on to abstract painting, also creating fusions between the two modes of expression and integrating processes such as collage. Her creation is linked to her inspiration. She projects herself into the work thanks to a technique, a material for an abstract painterly representation of her being. Her work is now an extra being. “Mutation(s)” is Hamida Ouassini’s first exhibition in Morocco. Born in Tangier, Hamida Ouassini studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Europe.

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