Moroccans Stranded in Mauritania: The Embassy Is Involved

The Moroccan embassy in Nouakchott announced on Saturday that it has taken care of 60 Moroccan citizens stranded in Mauritania, following the measures taken to monitor the conditions of members of the Moroccan community residing in this Maghreb country, in view of the exceptional circumstances in which the world is living since the spread of the new Coronavirus.

In a press release, the embassy said that 28 Moroccans are stranded in the capital Nouakchott and 32 in the city of Nouadhibou (northern Mauritania), reporting that the costs of hospitalization and surgery in a private clinic of a Moroccan citizen suffering from a contagious disease had been covered.

Among other measures taken, the same source cited the intervention with the Mauritanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the competent authorities to extend the validity of visas for Moroccan citizens who were blocked pending their return to Morocco.

No infection by Covid-19 has been registered among members of the Moroccan community, nor among citizens blocked in Mauritania, he reassured.

The embassy also stressed that its services have sensitized Moroccan truck drivers to the need to respect the precautionary measures taken by the Mauritanian authorities, namely the creation of a private space at the northern entrance of the city of Nouakchott in which all conditions of comfort are ensured and which is intended to receive and unload trucks coming from Morocco, which help supply the Mauritanian market with vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs.

It urged once again all Moroccan citizens residing in Mauritania to comply strictly with the decisions and preventive measures taken by the Mauritanian authorities to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, praising the efforts made by those authorities, who had spared no effort to provide assistance to Moroccan citizens as part of the effective efforts to control the spread of Covid-19.

As a reminder, the Moroccan Embassy in Nouakchott announced, on 16 March, the establishment of a communication and monitoring unit for members of the Moroccan community residing in Mauritania, at the level of the Embassy and the Consulate General of the Kingdom in Nouadhibou, in order to raise their awareness of the preventive measures taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

It has also set up two telephone numbers to receive communications and respond to inquiries from Moroccan citizens: 0022243065974 for the Embassy and 0022227098517 for the Consulate General of the Kingdom in Nouadhibou.

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