Asma and Hatem Reincarnate the Legend of Hayna

On Thursday night, Moroccan stars Asmaa Lamnwar and Hatim Ammor launched a new song in the form of a duet, entitled “Hayna”, in which they reincarnated the legendary character of “Hayna” which has been handed down from generation to generation through grandmothers’ tales.

Through this song, the two artists, whose fame has spread beyond the borders of Morocco, intend to revive the Moroccan heritage, honor grandmothers and make a special reminder to children during these exceptional circumstances the world is going through, because of the Coronavirus, while trying to make them discover the good old days, according to a press release distributed to the national media.

The lyrics of “Hayna” are by the talented Moroccan poet Mohamed Al Maghrabi, while the composition is by Tariq Al-Hujaili, who also supervised the distribution of this work, along with Madara.

Due to health restrictions, the two stars did not release a video clip for the song. They simply made a video and posted it on YouTube.

All profits from the song, which is expected to record high ratings, will be donated to a charity that supports cancer patients.

This solidarity initiative is particularly worthy of praise, as the two stars have supported the special Coronavirus fund, launched at the initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, just as they have supported many needy Moroccan families in coping with this crisis.

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