Masks Soon to Be Available in Pharmacies: The Government Has Set Profit Margins for Wholesalers and Retailers

Pharmacies will soon be involved in the distribution chain for non-medical face masks supported by the Covid-19 Pandemic Fund. The procedure for their involvement has been detailed in a letter, addressed to the Minister of Industry and Trade, signed by the presidents of the professional representations of pharmacists.

Thus, sales of these masks in pharmacies in the kingdom will be made in cartons containing boxes of 10 units, with profit margins set for wholesalers and pharmacies.

As the price of sales to the public is MAD 8 including tax (for a box of 10 units), the profit margins of suppliers to wholesalers, as well as the profit margins of wholesalers and pharmacists, have been set by the General Directorate of Commerce (Ministry of Commerce and Industry):

– Manufacturers’ selling price: MAD6 ( including tax);

– Single-supplier selling price: MAD6.20 (including tax);

– Selling price of pharmaceutical wholesalers: MAD 6.50 (including tax);

– Price of sale to the public by pharmacies of a box of 10 units: MAD8 (including tax).

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