Morocco: A Woman Murders Her Three Children and Tries to Commit Suicide

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said that the crime scene experts and officers of the Judicial Police of the Hay Hassani Police District in Casablanca began, Thursday afternoon, the examination procedures of the bodies of three brothers, aged respectively 9, 7 and 3 years, found at the family home with the blood vessels of their wrists cut with a sharp object.

The crime scene officers and judicial police officers also examined the mother of the three victims, who was found unconscious with wounds on her wrist and stomach, caused by the same sharp object, DGSN said in a statement, pointing out that the mother left a written message referring to her intention to kill herself for family problems.

The same source continued that medicines that may have been used to drug the children before their murder were seized at the crime scene, noting that the injured mother was placed under medical surveillance in hospital, while a preliminary investigation was opened by the prefectural service of the judicial police under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office.

The investigation is ongoing with the husband to clarify the details of the case, the statement added, adding that the written message and digital contents exchanged by the mother with her family prior to these criminal acts had been submitted to technical and computer examination to verify the possibility of a crime of murder accompanied by attempted suicide.

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