Moroccans from Russia/Covid-19: The Moroccan Embassy Continues to Be Active

So far, 21 Moroccans who were staying briefly in Russia have found themselves stranded following the suspension of international flights, the same source noted, adding that the embassy is in regular contact with them to assist them and meet their needs in close cooperation with the local authorities, and that adequate solutions have been found for the extension of their residence visas.

The diplomatic representation also stressed to the members of the Moroccan community the ” absolute necessity to fully comply with the containment measures recommended by the Russian health authorities in reaction to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic “.

The embassy also urged Moroccan students residing in Russia to be very mindful of the directives issued by the university and academic authorities concerning the current and future course of study and their involvement in the continuation of their studies.

The diplomatic representation is also grateful to the Russian governmental authorities for their outstanding cooperation and their considerable efforts in this difficult period, the same source notes.

The Embassy of Morocco will continue, through the monitoring and support unit, to inform members of the Moroccan community, whenever necessary and in a timely manner, of the official guidelines and decisions taken by the government authorities, being fully mobilized to deal with this pandemic, stresses the same source.

The Embassy has also provided members of the Moroccan community with telephone numbers (+7 985 366 12 40, +7 459 116-16-81) to answer their questions.

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