Murder of Adnane: What Was Found Near his Place of Burial

The murder suspect of the child Adnane, who was found buried under a tree near his home in Tangier, revealed to investigators that he got rid of the victim’s clothes and sandals near the place where he buried him in the Victory district.

A security official reported to Al Yaoum24 that residents eventually told police that they saw Adnane Bouchouf’s clothes and sandals on a tree.

It should be noted that it was with shock that Moroccans learned Friday evening, through a statement from the DGSN, the arrest of a suspect that the neighborhood’s surveillance cameras showed with the victim. He then led the investigators to the places where he buried the child. Three other people, his roommates, were also arrested.

On Friday evening, police had surrounded the wasteland where the victim was buried after successfully apprehending the main suspect, a 24-year-old man employed in the city’s industrial zone. Photos of the child have been widely posted and shared on social networks since his disappearance on September 7 while he was out to buy supplies at the local pharmacy.

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