High school students’ demonstrations in Israel: learning via Zoom is ineffective

High school students protest: “Zoom learning is ineffective”.

After more than a month at home, high school students from across the country announced that they went out today (Tuesday) to demonstrate by calling on the Ministry of Education to stop using the zoom lens and allow creative solutions such as outdoor learning.

“We are a group of students in Raanana who decided that implementing distance learning was not for us,” Guy Rosen told a Grade 12 student at Aviv High School in Raanana. “We can’t spend so many hours zooming in every day. It’s inefficient . “

The demonstration at the crossroads of Kfar Haroeh, yesterday

According to Rosen, who also demonstrated yesterday, “We are drying up in front of the screen. It hurts the eyes, it hurts the mind, and also academically, the teaching is not really absorbed. We are calling for a plan that is more correct for us. It doesn’t have to be a complete return to school, but a partial one. Not everything is black or white. We even want outdoor or capsule courses, the important thing is that they find a solution.

High school students also demonstrated yesterday to protest the conduct of the Ministry of Education. They even blocked traffic at the Kfar Haroeh crossroads for a few minutes. The signs they erected read: “No youth – no future,” “Failure of distance learning,” etc. The students were also protesting against the Ministry of Education’s conduct.

In his protest also for the support of the head of the council and his teachers. “Learning via zoom is inefficient and difficult to learn this way. We demand adjustments from the Ministry of Education so that we can study properly.”

The high school event is gaining momentum in other parts of the country. Students and teachers are demanding that the curriculum be reduced on the grounds that zooming makes it difficult to study.

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