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The confinement imposed on citizens around the world has not prevented Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto from communicating with his followers, be it through social networks where his accounts are followed by hundreds of thousands of fans, such as Instagram or Facebook, or through certain applications such as “Telegram”, through which he receives many questions and answers them in great detail.

Question of the day:

Date: 24.03.2020                        

Subject: delivery

I am a woman who spends most of her time taking care of the house, what can I do to approach the coming of the messiah?

Rav’s answer:

A woman who takes care of the house has one great honor. 

Rav Eliezer Papo says that if you think: “how I love HM” while you do your daily chores you make the mitzvah of loving HM.

So when you clean your house, think that you are doing it in honor of HM, think: “I prepare food for my children so that they are healthy to serve HM”, “think HM is the King”, so you can fill your day with many mitsvot while thinking about your good intentions of kedousha, and so you will permanently attach to HM.

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