Coronavirus: Quarantine Will Be Extended for Two Weeks in Morocco

Deconfining will take place in the early days of summer in Morocco. This is now what seems to be happening, because the confinement will be extended for two weeks, beyond 10 June, the Moroccan press learned on Saturday.

“We are working on this scenario among others, but the option of extending the containment for a reasonable period of time is at the top of the list of possibilities,” a government source told Le360, adding that the executive will also announce “some measures to ease” the confinement.

Le360 was told by a government source that the gradual easing of the containment, which will be announced on Monday 8 June at the end of a Government Council meeting, is aimed at “accelerating the recovery of the economy”.

The economy has been badly affected since the introduction of the state of health emergency on March 20, 2020. The Minister of the Economy and Finance, Mohamed Benchaâboun, declared on 19 May in the Chamber of Councillors that each day of containment is accompanied for Morocco by a loss of 1 billion dirhams. As of this Saturday, June 6, Morocco has thus lost 79 billion dirhams.

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