“Falafels”: The Food of the Poor that Has Become Universally Known

The “Falafels”, which is currently being celebrated on its international day, is a Middle Eastern meal of choice, highly appreciated in a number of Arab countries, such as Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, in addition to Sudan, Egypt and even Israel.

It is one of the most popular dishes in the Arab world, even if historians disagree on its origins. Some say it is a dish that dates back to the time of the pharaohs, while others say it is more of a Coptic food, at a time when some sources note that it comes from Andalusia.

Falafels were considered the food of the poor. This is probably why they were not mentioned in the ancient books of Arabic cuisine. To this day, they remain an essential meal at the tables of the privileged classes, but at the same time they are used as starters at the tables of the rich.

Falafels are also one of the most popular street foods, sold in many countries in the Arab world, in different forms and considered a good breakfast because they are high in calories, making them the best recipe for fighting long hours of hunger during the day.

Falafels are prepared with chickpeas or dried beans or both. They are soaked for a while in water before being crushed and stirred with spices and then fried in hot oil in the form of a ball. The details of this recipe differ from region to region within the Arab world.

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