Residents of Casablanca Return to their Daily Routines

Having been confined for months, Casablanca residents resumed on Thursday their daily habits as they were before the spread of the Coronavirus, as their city has been reclassified as zone 1 and health emergency measures have been made more flexible.

Indeed, cafes and restaurants in Casablanca have reopened their doors to their usual customers, after having been forced to serve them in “take-out” mode. These establishments proceeded to implement distancing measures and provided sanitizers to their customers, most of whom preferred to sit on terraces, due to the climate, but also and above all to avoid closed spaces.

The area of the Marina, which leads to the beach of Ain Diab, has been taken over by pedestrians and walkers who opt for this vast space, which overlooks the ocean, in order to have a good time with their children, far from the noise of the streets.

Many Casablanca residents have visited the city’s corniche, which was closed to all except for those who live there. They went there to enjoy the sea air, to walk on the beach, to swim, to play football and to do all the usual activities that they did before the confinement.

However, despite the relaxation of emergency health measures, many people preferred to wait a little longer before going outside for fear of a possible spread of the virus, especially as the number of cases of infection has been on the rise in recent days.

In this regard, baths located in working-class neighborhoods, cafés and popular sports clubs have preferred not to resume their activities right away, for fear of the rush that could take place and which poses a risk to the health of their clients, especially since the epidemic is still claiming victims in many countries around the world.

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