The Moroccans Prepare for Deconfinement

Morocco is entering phase 2 of the gradual deconfinement. After several months of mandatory quarantine, Moroccans were able to resume the normal rhythm of their lives from midnight last Wednesday.

On Thursday 25 May, cafés and restaurants were able to resume their services on the spot, without exceeding 50% of their capacity. Commercial activities has resumed in each of the shopping centers, large shopping complexes and galleries, according to predefined conditions. Leisure and entertainment areas, such as sports halls and hammams are also reopened with a maximum of 50% of their capacity.

Public transport between cities, by road or rail, and domestic flights are also resuming.

In Zone 1, travel between regions in the same zone is permitted, provided that the national electronic identity card is presented. Beaches will reopen with the obligation to respect the physical distance. Internal tourist activities will resume with the opening of tourist institutions, provided that they do not exceed 50% of their accommodation capacity.

Regarding the measures at the level of Relief Zone No. 2, it has been decided to allow travel within the territorial boundaries of the prefecture or province without “exceptional travel authorization”, the obligation to have a professional authorization (mission order) or an exceptional authorization issued by the local authorities for reasons of absolute necessity in order to travel outside the territorial boundaries of the prefecture or province, the lifting of the measure imposing the closure of shops at 8pm, the reopening of hairdressing and beauty salons, without exceeding 50% of their capacity, the reopening of open-air public spaces including parks, gardens and public places and the resumption of sports activities practiced individually in the open air such as walking and cycling.

It was also decided to maintain, at the national level, all other preventive measures previously decided upon during the state of health emergency (closure of museums, cinemas, theaters, public swimming pools, prohibition of gatherings, wedding parties and funerals, etc.).

In addition, Moroccans are called upon to continue their full commitment and to abide fully to all the announced preventive measures, including physical distancing, hygiene rules, the obligation to wear a mask and to download the “Wiqaytna” application.

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