Covid-19: Tourism Sector Continues to Suffer Despite Partial Activity Resumption

Hoteliers and other tourism operators continue to struggle despite the partial recovery of their business. In today’s edition, L’Economiste states that they have recovered, but still without a clear view of the future. They are waiting for several decisions that depend only on the The Economic Intelligence Committee (CVE) and the Ministries of Tourism and Finance. However, as the newspaper admits, nothing is clear at the moment.

Several questions arise: what will happen to salaries, income tax, social security charges as well as the Damane credit to revive tourism and the hotel industry? Worse. According to the Economist, the consequences of the Coronavirus crisis now threaten the survival of no less than 9,000 entities, including 3,500 classified tourist accommodation companies, 500 tourist catering companies, 1,450 travel agencies, 1,500 tourist transport companies and 1,500 car rental companies.

“The estimated losses are valued at 34 billion for the whole sector, including 15 billion for the hotel industry alone,”. The newspaper believes that the real threat is the one that directly affects the sector’s employees. In this respect, “professionals are asking for a 12-month exemption from social security and tax charges (IR, CNSS) for companies that maintain 80% of the workforce and the implementation of a specific system to protect employees’ income. They also want to allow companies that maintain 80% of jobs to pay their employees on a net basis.

Having said that, Morocco remains a credible destination. “Morocco has managed to position itself at the top of the list of the most credible and safest destinations in these difficult times, thanks to its exemplary management of the health emergency”.

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