Rabbi Pinto Hospitalized in Marrakech

A few days ago, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto was hospitalized in Marrakech in a serious condition. After undergoing numerous tests and careful medical care, it turned out that he was suffering from a bacterial infection that caused him terrible pain and seriously affected his health and physical condition.

The Moroccan rabbi, who was appointed about a year ago as president of the Rabbinical Court of Moroccan Jews, carried out the Coronavirus test, but the result was negative, which reassured his followers, his team in Morocco and around the world.

Rabbi Pinto, who is only 47 years old, has been suffering for years from cancer, forcing him to undergo treatment between Morocco and the United States, but due to the spread of the pandemic in Morocco and the closure of the borders, he was unable to travel to New York, where he is being treated at the hospital.

However, despite his illness, Rabbi Pinto is determined to continue giving his religious lessons, which he publishes on social networks, while answering questions asked by his followers, even if he finds it difficult to sit and speak for a long time.

Since the declaration of the state of health emergency in Morocco, he has accompanied members of the Jewish community, ensuring the availability of “kosher” food and supervising slaughter according to the norms of the Jewish religion, especially on special occasions such as Shabbat and Pesach.

Throughout the period of confinement, the Moroccan rabbi has devoted telephone numbers to members of the Jewish community residing in Morocco in order to contact him and obtain the answers they wish to receive on various religious matters. He has always listened to their problems and found appropriate solutions.

Rabbi Pinto calls upon all children of the Jewish community in Morocco and abroad to pray to Jehovah (God) for their health and well-being. Amen ve amen

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