Mosques Are Reopening their Doors

The Muslim community members were satisfied with the announcement that the mosques will be gradually reopened from 15 July, after being excluded from the plan aimed at easing health restrictions.

The decision to withhold the opening of the mosques had caused a great deal of controversy in social networks, where some conservative voices considered it indicative of an alleged war against religion and Islam and demanded that the mosques should be reopened to worshipers, as they are not necessarily places of contamination.

Health and safety procedures will be applied to mosques in the same way as for other facilities. Thus, it will be mandatory for worshipers to wear masks, use their own carpets and maintain social distancing. Mosque officials will ensure that these measures are implemented. The Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs has also urged the faithful to avoid gatherings inside the mosque before and after prayer, as well as handshakes and crowds at the exit.

Hand sterilizers will be available at the entrance, as well as temperature control of worshipers before allowing them access to the mosque.

The ministry announced in a statement issued last Tuesday that the reopening of mosques will be done gradually in all cities of Morocco, starting next Wednesday, “taking into account the local epidemiological situation, as well as by setting up a health control, which will be managed by local committees at the doors of the mosques which will be open for all prayers except Friday.”

The same statement urged all those showing symptoms of the pandemic to avoid going to the mosque.

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