From Work of Art to Work of Soul: Portrait of the Artist in Latifa Tijani

If you happen to meet Latifa Tijani on Facebook, remember that she is the one whose destiny is linked to “Gate and Kasbah”, as she was born in the tower of the Kasbah of Cherarda in Fez (currently annex of the University of Qarawiyine). To mark her birthplace, Latifa Tijani was to gather researchers of anthropology, music, mysticism and Sufism at the Batha in the medina around “Fez, the sacred city” in 1993. 

“The Bab Boujloud gate, my childhood favorite gate,” says Latifa Tijani. Found in the Talaâ Sghira in Fez, the gate, which is distinguished by its zellij engravings, is the main tourist attraction in Fez. Latifa Tijani is a passionate traveler! Engraving, painting, photography… she goes through deep poetic shivers, along the folds and folds of her awareness of the world, in its human and natural aspects. In a post on Facebook where her presence is “real”, she writes: “I don’t respond to virtual challenges, because I’ve had real challenges to face during my life”.

Latifa Tijani has dedicated her creativity and intelligence to the immaterial and not to the virtual! The distinction is an important one: the virtual is temporary, the immaterial is long-lasting, the immaterial can survive for centuries, even millennia. Her relationship to technology is like this: it will not replace either the canvas or the book of life, which she likes to leaf through like a storyteller. This narrative dimension is seized in her gaze as a painter, photographer and her creations to reconstruct history, not in the manner of historians but of Chahrazade, in its narrative tone, its inspiration for multiple canvases and engravings. 

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