Nour Bitar: Arab Women Have a Place in Hollywood

Nour Bitar, the Syrian actress living in Los Angeles, said that Arab women have a place in all countries of the world, not only in Hollywood. She added during the meeting with the Moroccan journalist Simo Benbachir that Arab actresses in general need opportunities, roles and texts written especially for them, and that this is the real challenge. Arab actresses have managed to make their mark in the United States and elsewhere, giving the example of Lebanese director Nadine Labaki, who represented her country at the Oscars, and Egyptian actress Yousra, who served on its jury.

In an interview with Simo in his program ” Arabs of America “, which he presents on Hala and Panet TV, Nour Bitar, who arrived in the United States in 2012 to escape the war in Syria, said her debut in Hollywood was difficult because of her lack of language skills and her feelings of loneliness and alienation, especially since she emigrated at the age of 28. “I was obsessed with fame and lights from a young age, but the circumstances of my marriage and childbirth prevented me from realizing my dream, which I have been working to achieve ever since I started working as a make-up artist. I got to know a number of directors, and later I took my first steps on the red carpet for the Oscars.”

Speaking about her first role, Nour Bitar said it was a small part in a film about Syria and the refugee issue, in which her eldest daughter played, before the director asked her to try to play it. She was scared and ashamed, but in the end she made the film crew cry and they recognized her talent and encouraged her to continue in this field. After several more roles, she decided to put her talent to good use and began studying acting at the Hollywood Academy for six consecutive months.

As for her feelings about playing refugee roles, she told Simo: “It’s very difficult to take on this role. I feel that I play it with great sincerity and I try to place myself in the character that is taking over from me and I can’t get rid of it easily.”

Regarding her advice for Arab women who wish to be successful in the United States, she said: “The road to success is a difficult one; it takes time and effort. It is tiring and requires giving up friends. But there are many pleasures in achieving it. If they want to succeed, Arab women must believe in themselves.”

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