Tayeb Ksikes: I Can’t Wait to Get Back to the Moroccan Audience

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood program, the journalist Simo Benbachir welcomed Moroccan artist Tayeb Ksikes, considered one of the ambassadors of Moroccan heritage in the United States of America, where he settled in 2000.

Passionate about music and singing from a young age, Tayeb Ksikes said during his meeting with Simo, that he began his artistic career in California after meeting friends who work in this field, which allowed him to accompany them and learn a lot from them, such as playing darbouka and mastering the rhythm, before joining them in the animation of concerts combining electronic music, house music and Afro-Cuban music, thus entering the world of music and production.

With his friend Nondo Hernandez from Mexico, Tayeb Ksikes formed his own group in May this year (2019), which is called “Super Chario”. Commenting on this experience, he said: “We wanted to revive the musical heritage of our two countries by fusing them with electronic music. That’s what has allowed us to offer electro-folk music, with a view to highlighting the rich cultural heritage of our two countries”.

Speaking about the choice of “Super Chario” as the designation for his band, Tayeb Ksikes told Simo that he was inspired by the matchbox that was famous in Morocco and which bore the same name. “I wanted the music played by our band to be wild, nayda nayda as you say, simo. I want my music to set the audience and listeners on fire. “He said to Simo with a laugh.

Tayeb Ksikes told Simo about his tour of southern Morocco, more specifically the Souss region, where he went to meet artists and “Rouayes” to fuse electronic music with Amazigh rhythms.

Tayeb Ksikes is about to embark on an artistic tour of the United States of America in 2020, as well as another tour that will take him to European countries, including France and Portugal, before ending up in Morocco, where he is looking forward to giving a concert and meeting his audience, especially young people who love the music he offers.

And in terms of the advice he wants to give to young people who want to succeed like him in the world of music in the United States of America, Tayeb Ksikes said that the most important thing is to have talent, to develop it through practice, to be original, while being persevering and having self-confidence.

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