Covid-19 Positive Cases on their Way to Morocco

A ship was stranded for a few hours off the coast of Malaga, southern Spain. It was carrying 559 passengers from Genoa (Italy) and was scheduled to dock in the port of Tangier Med on Saturday, July 18, we were told from port sources.

This ship, owned by the CNG company, was intended to mark the beginning of the special operation of transporting passengers from the Italian port of Genoa. However, following the discovery of positive cases of Covid-19 among the 559 passengers on board, it is not clear how effective the conditions established by the authorities for this exceptional operation will be, especially the requirement to present a negative PCR test less than 48 hours old and a serological test.

According to the samples taken on board of this ship, which is equipped with an analytical laboratory, at least three cases of contamination have been identified. Having been informed, the Moroccan authorities ordered the ship to be blocked off the coast of southern Spain until the testing of all passengers could be completed. This decision was taken in compliance with the preventive measures planned as part of the operation to partially reopen Morocco’s maritime borders.

Reportedly, after a few hours of stoppage, the ship set sail again towards the Tangier Med port. It is expected to reach the port early this Saturday evening.

Several nationalities are travelling on the NGV ship including Morocco, Italy, France, Belgium, Norway and others. No less than 231 cars are also on board of the same ship.

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