Eid Al Adha: King Mohammed VI Grants Pardon to 752 People

According to an official statement from the Ministry of Justice, His Majesty King Mohammed VI has pardoned 752 people on the occasion of Eid Al Adha. This royal pardon has benefited people in custody as well as others at liberty who have been sentenced by various courts in the Kingdom.

These individuals are as follows:

* The beneficiaries of the Royal Pardon who are in detention are 585 detainees, distributed as follows:

-208 prisoners have been pardoned from the remaining sentence of imprisonment.

-374 prisoners have been granted a reduction of their prison sentence or term of imprisonment.

-03 prisoners who were sentenced to life imprisonment were granted a time sentence.

* The number of beneficiaries of the Royal Pardon who are at liberty is 167, broken down as follows:

– 45 individuals were pardoned from imprisonment or the remaining term of imprisonment.

-07 individuals were pardoned on the penalty of imprisonment with a fine.

-100 individuals were pardoned from the penalty of a fine.

-15 individuals pardoned on penalty of imprisonment and fine.

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