The Throne Speech Through the Eyes of the French Media

French media outlets reported on Wednesday evening the announcements made by HM King Mohammed VI in his speech to the nation on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Throne Day.

The media focused particularly on the “vast” economic recovery plan detailed by HM the King, as well as on the generalization of compulsory health insurance and the Sovereign’s call for the creation of a Strategic Investment Fund.

In this regard, Radio France Internationale (RFI) writes that Morocco has announced a “vast economic recovery plan”. It noted that “for his very first televised intervention since the beginning of the pandemic, the Moroccan sovereign has made a strong impact with the announcement of the injection of 120 billion Dirhams (11 billion Euros) into the kingdom’s economy”.

This represents 11% of the country’s gross domestic product, the media said in an article posted on its website.

However, according to RFI, the Sovereign’s “most emblematic” announcement is the launch, from next January, of the process of “generalization of the Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO) and family allowances”, a decision taken in order “to try to mitigate the impact of the current health crisis”.

For its part, “Le Monde” writes that this project, which will be completed over the next five years, will be rolled out from January 2021. It will start with the generalization of compulsory health insurance and family allowances and will then be extended to retirement and compensation for loss of employment.

The Sovereign stressed that the crisis linked to the pandemic has “highlighted a number of shortcomings”, including “the weakness of social protection networks” for “the very vulnerable sections of the population,” the daily adds in an online article.

The establishment of a system of social assistance for the poor, based on a unified social register inspired by the Indian model, has been evoked since 2013 and a draft bill is currently awaiting examination in Parliament, the publication notes.

For its part, “La Tribune Afrique”, a monthly magazine dedicated to African news belonging to the French economic and financial newspaper “La Tribune”, writes in an article posted on its website that HM the King has called for a “profound reform” of the public sector. According to the Sovereign, this reform must be launched with “diligence” in order to “correct the structural shortcomings of public institutions and enterprises, guarantee optimal complementarity and coherence between their respective missions and, ultimately, enhance their economic and social efficiency”.

For this purpose, adds the Pan-African magazine, the Sovereign has called for the creation of a national agency. Its mission will be to ensure the strategic management of the State’s holdings and monitor the performance of public institutions.

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