Dounia Batma Is Still Addicted to Social Networks Despite her Conviction

On Monday 3 August, Dounia Batma, in spite of her involvement in the “Hamza mon bb” affair and her conviction, was eager to share her positive feelings with her followers.

Thus, via her Instagram account, the singer published several videos of her wearing a shimmering summer dress and sunglasses.

The commentary accompanying these videos is optimistic and slightly “philosophical” regarding the ups and downs of life, expressing positive vibes. “Life is only for a moment. If you take away the sadness from it, everything else is a mockery. “Massaoukoum foul!” (Have a great night), wrote Dounia Batma.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the affair of “Hamzamonbb” and its trial in court, the singer and her sister have been keen to delete any comment on her photos published on Instagram.

On Monday, along with the President of the Bar Association Abdellatif Bouachrine, Dounia Batma took part, via Instagram, in a program hosted by the Saudi journalist Magid El Fassi. The interview focused on the singer’s trial concerning her case of blackmail and fraud against Moroccan and foreign celebrities (art, fashion design…).

It should be noted that the Court of First Instance of Marrakech sentenced, late on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Dounia Batma to 8 months in prison.

The Criminal Chamber of the court also sentenced Ibtissam Batma, sister of Dounia, and Aicha Ayach, who are being held in detention, to one year and 18 months imprisonment respectively. The three defendants were each ordered to pay a fine of DH 10,000, the same source added. The court also ordered Dounia and Ibtissam to pay, jointly and severally, the sum of MAD 20,000 as compensation to the civil party and to pay the legal costs.

The accused are being charged in this case for “participation in the illegal access to the computer data system”, “deliberate participation in hindering the functioning of this system”, “dissemination of images and statements of others without consent”, “dissemination of unfounded facts with the aim of damaging the private life of individuals and defamation”, as well as for ” involvement and blackmail”.

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