Dounia Batma: Her Husband’s Reaction to her Conviction (PHOTO)

The singer Dounia Batma was sentenced by the Marrakech Court to eight months in prison for her involvement in the “Hamza mon bb” case.

On Friday, her husband and manager, the Bahraini producer Mohamed Al Turk, was anxious to react to her sentence. “My dear queen, regardless of hatred of others, the trust and respect you have for yourself is far more important than being loved by people. You are a victim of injustice and injustice does not last,” he wrote on Instagram as a caption to a photo of his wife.

It should also be noted that the Criminal Division of the same court also sentenced the singer’s sister, Ibtissam Batma, and stylist Aicha Ayach to one year and 18 months in prison sentences. As for Sophia Chakiri, who is also being held in detention, she was sentenced to 10 months in prison.

The accused were each sentenced to pay a fine of DH 10,000. The court also ordered Dounia and Ibtissam Batma to pay, jointly and severally, the sum of MAD 20,000 by way of compensation for the civil parties and to pay all costs.

It is worth noting that last Wednesday’s hearing was marked by the pleadings of the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the defense of the civil party and the defense of the accused who provided the initial and formal pleadings related to the invalidity of certain investigation procedures in this case.

The accused are being prosecuted in this case, each in his own right, for “participation in obtaining unauthorized access to the computer data system”, “deliberate participation in obstructing the operation of that system”, “dissemination of images and statements of others without consent”, “dissemination of unfounded facts for the purpose of violating the privacy of individuals and defamation”, as well as for “participation and blackmail”.

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