Dounia Batma Reacting to the Arrest of Mohamed Madimi (PHOTO)

Dounia Batma did not hide her satisfaction after the arrest on Tuesday of Mohamed Madimi, the president of the National Centre for Human Rights and the person who was responsible for the “Hamza mon bb” affair.

In a story on her Instagram account, the singer wrote: “We will continue to pray to God for his vengeance. Hamdoulilah”.

The president of the Marrakech-based NGO had filed several complaints against people he accused of trying to damage the image of the association’s members. Dounia and Ibtissam Batma are also being charged with “participation in unauthorised access to the computer data processing system and dissemination of images and statements of others without their consent, with the aim of causing harm or defamation” in the “Hamza mon bb” case.

In addition, Madimi was arrested for attempting to deceive, harass, blackmail and humiliate civil servants in the performance of their duties.

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