The Beginning of the School Year Worries Parents

Parents of students in Morocco are living in a state of anxiety because of the upcoming school year that is causing them concern. Following the recent increase in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus, the government remains uncertain about the upcoming start of the new school year. The head of the government, Saad-Eddine El Othmani, affirmed during a seminar held last Sunday that the start of the new school year is closely related to the development of the pandemic situation in the country. 

Many parents are considering home schooling out of fear that the spread of the virus will reach schools and children in case the attendance is necessary. Meanwhile, some are not thinking of enrolling their children before the government decides on a possible scenario for next year, which has complicated the decision to pay the annual registration and insurance fees; a decision that needs to be deeply reflected upon.

Others parents preferred to pay all the fees in order to reserve a place for their children for next year, without finalizing the registration process, despite what happened this year, when schools were closed and students had to study at a distance. This was a system that parents did not adapt to, and they found themselves responsible for supervising their children’s studies, even after having paid large sums of money to the schools to provide this service.

Many private schools are waiting for the arrival of the parents who usually register their children in May each year. Administrations have experienced a long delay in the registration process, despite the arrival of August and the nearing of the start of the school year, so there is only one month left for registration.

The government is expected to embrace a plan for the new school year. The possible scenarios include either adopting the distance education system, despite its shortcomings in the previous year and complaints from parents about its ineffectiveness, adopting distance education in parallel with the required attendance, or returning to the old system, in case the pandemic situation stabilizes in Morocco and the risk of spreading the virus becomes non-existent.

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