Tajine: The International Moroccan Dish

The Moroccan tagine is a very well-known dish all over the world. In just a few years, it has gone from being a local dish to an international one, thanks to its success among tourists and foreigners who have discovered its delicious taste that distinguishes it from other Moroccan dishes.

The Tajine is a clay-based container with a cone-shaped lid, designed to push the steam from the broth inwards while cooking it over a low fire. While it is cooking, the different flavors of vegetables and broth are mixed with meat, chicken or fish in a few hours.

The Tajine’s reputation has spread beyond the country’s borders to America, Japan and the Middle East. In addition to its flavor, it is very good for your health because its cooking on steam or on charcoal allows it to keep all its food components whether vitamins, proteins or others. In addition, it can be prepared with all vegetables and fruits from around the world.

The Moroccan Tajine is a dish for the poor as well as for the rich and can be prepared with vegetables without meat or with only eggs and tomatoes. It is served at weddings, feasts and ceremonies.

The most famous types of tagines are: the egg tagine with khli’i, the tagine of caramelized plums or dried apricots with meat, the tagine of fried and grilled almonds, the chicken tagine with “meslalla” olives, the tagine of artichokes or carrots with meat, lemon and olives and finally the fish tagine.

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