Rabbi Pinto Performs a Special Prayer Live from the Tomb of Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan

The Jewish community in Morocco and around the world is gathering today for a special and exceptional prayer by Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, live from the tomb of Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan in the city of Ouazzane, at 5 P.M, the Hebrew state time.

Despite his unstable state of health and worsening illness, the president rabbi of the Jewish court of Casablanca insisted on making the trip to the city of Ouazzane. This was to fulfill the wishes of his followers around the world for a special prayer, asking the Almighty to relieve the Jewish people as well as the rest of humanity from the suffering caused by the Coronavirus that has caused many deaths and an economic recession.

In addition to this special prayer, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto will recite other prayers to drive away curses and evil spirits and will also preach a religious lesson on this occasion. He has also sent a moving message in which he declares that “the coming days are days of asking for forgiveness and repentance (teshuva), and that the smallest action, no matter how small, can change everything. We must fight from the bottom of our hearts and struggle to deserve protection and help”.

Rabbi Pinto added in the same message that “because of our mistakes, we hear every day of a sick Jew, a Jew in distress, or a Jew in financial difficulties. We must do something to change this and we can only succeed through this prayer, declaring repentance and regret until we get rid of this nightmare until God answers us”.

The Chief Moroccan Rabbis invited Jews from all over the world to visit the graves of their grandparents and rabbis to pray for the living, to protect the Jewish people and to ask for divine mercy in these difficult times.

Rabbi Amram is highly respected among Moroccan Jews. He is a wise and holy scholar of Kabbalah and Torah subjects. He was born in Jerusalem and then emigrated to Morocco.

It should be noted that the prayer will be broadcast live starting at 3 p.m. (Moroccan time) and 4 p.m. (French time).

Please send names to the following numbers:

From France and Israel: 0534816046

From the United States: 17867557011

From Great Britain: 441224051600

From Canada: 12268289006

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