The Moroccan Osnat Hila Mark Is a Member of the Judicial Appointments Committee in the Knesset

Osnat Hila Mark, a member of the Knesset and a native of Morocco, was elected last Wednesday to represent the general assembly of the Knesset in the Judicial Appointments Commission, along with Zvi Hauser, Ayelet Shaked, Karin ElHarar and others.

This new position, with others occupied by this famous lawyer in Israel, is a positive and important point in the career of Hila Mark, who is blessed by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto. Only a few months ago, Rabbi Pinto predicted that she would take up a new and important position.

Osnat’s family has very close ties with the Pinto and Abuhatzeira families, the maternal grandfather of Rabbi Pinto, especially since Hila’s parents were always present at the family ceremonies. She said in an interview with our website “Morocco Jewish Times” that “Pinto and my family are one family. My parents never made any decisions without the advice and blessing of the rabbis. My relationship with Rabbi Pinto is very spiritual, my children and husband always make sure they have his blessing in everything they do. He is our spiritual way of communicating with God as we feel directly protected by Rabbi Pinto’s blessing.”

Hila Mark is an active member of the Knesset and former president of several committees. She was born in Beer-Sheva in 1967 to a Moroccan Jewish family who lived in Casablanca and then moved to Israel in the mid-1950s. They suffered marginalization and discrimination as “Sefardims” (Jews from the East). This had an impact on Hila’s childhood and motivated her to pursue her studies in order to change the stereotypes about Moroccan Jews, as she stated in her interview with our website. She also expressed her hope that Morocco will establish diplomatic relations with the state of Israel and added that “HM King Mohammed VI loves Moroccan Jews, whether they reside in Morocco or Israel and that this love is mutual. Israel is very interested in the establishment of these diplomatic ties and I personally pray that this will become a reality”.

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