Rabbi Pinto Sends his Blessings to the President of Honduras

In front of hundreds of thousands of listeners, the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, was blessed live from Morocco during the course of Rabbi Yochiyahou Pinto. In an interview with Rafael Assaraf, a member of the “Parliament for Israel”, Assaraf describes the special relationship between South American heads of government and the Chouva Israel organization under the leadership of Rabbi Yochiyahu Pinto.

“On this occasion, we would like to bless our friends Yossef Eldar and Rafael Assaraf, who are at the head of Parliament for Israel, which is a key player in Latin America and raises awareness of the value of Erets Israel and the Jewish community. I send a special blessing to the great friend of the Jewish people, the President of the Republic of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, and his wife, the First Lady, Mrs. Garcia Hernandez, who are currently recovering from the Coronavirus. We pray and implore God that the president and his wife, the government and the people of Honduras, will pass peacefully through this period of epidemic. We pray and implore God to grant success to the president in his management of the economic and health crisis and, just as they support Israel, that the Jewish people will protect them.”

This exceptional blessing was delivered last Thursday before hundreds of thousands of spectators and listeners from around the world. The course was broadcast from Casablanca by the President of the Rabbinical Court of Morocco and Director of Jewish Chouva Israel institutions around the world, Rav Yochiyahou Pinto, during which he conveyed his sincere and warm blessing to the Office of the President of the Republic of Honduras.

A regular relationship

The President’s request, addressed to the famous Moroccan Rabbi, was carried forward by two men involved in the field, Yossi Eldar, vice-president of the Mexico-Israeli Chamber of Commerce. Yossi Eldar, together with lawyer Rafael Assaraf, set up the Parliament in favour of Israel, a body active throughout Latin America.

Eldar has many strong relationships in Latin American countries, having worked with presidents, ministers, ambassadors and public leaders. Together with Assaraf, he founded the organization Parlamento, which functions as a foreign ministry, based on the principle of delegates and honorary presidents in each country. Their leaders have electoral influence in the country, and as a result, their multiple relationships carry a lot of weight in all matters related to support for Israel. Most of their work focuses on the advancement of Latin American countries, notably through the creation of chambers of commerce and the development of tourism.

In addition, Parlamento is dedicated to various projects, such as large marches of support and prayer, and the creation of close relations with the Jewish people. It plans to launch initiatives where the opportunity is created to establish relations with leaders, television presenters, actors, academics, religious men of influence, trade delegation bodies, etc. In an interview with lawyer Rafael Assaraf, he describes his relationship with Rabbi Pinto and his actions throughout South America.

“I have known the Moroccan Rabbi for decades,” the lawyer tells us, ” his influence on Jews all over the world, and the immense scope of his community and economic actions, are recognized among Jews and non-Jews alike. On several occasions, we have received requests for prayers and blessings from leaders, presidents and heads of state, asking for the blessing of the Rabbi,” he says.

“Are these requests for prayers for health? Economic success? How did these heads of state come to the conclusion that it is appropriate to ask for a blessing from a Jewish Rabbi?”

“As I have known the Rabbi Pinto for more than thirty years, he is the descendant of two illustrious families of great Rabbanim Mekubalim, he inherited great spiritual powers on the one hand and on the other hand, a tremendous power of action. He founded more than sixty communities around the world; Rav Pinto’s personality attracts hundreds of thousands of men who listen to his lectures or study one of his books (more than a hundred to his credit), and among them are many plutocrats and giants of world business who undertake nothing without asking him for advice or asking for his blessing.”

“I myself follow international business transactions closely, and I can testify that these great figures were instructed by the Rabbi, guided by his wisdom and spiritual strength. In many cases, international economic transactions and large-scale projects were decided by Rabbi Pinto, and brilliantly executed according to his precise instructions.”

“This was the case, for example, with the President of Honduras, an outstanding personality and friend of Israel, who even paid a visit to the country and received a sincere blessing from the Rabbi. As I have known the Rabbi for so many years, I can say that this blessing reflects the deep esteem in which the Rabbi holds the President of the Republic and his family. The President was moved and delighted by this blessing, and we hope that soon we will be able to attend a meeting between the President and Rabbi Pinto.”

Has your relationship with Rabbi Pinto lasted for years? 

“Absolutely, I would like to point out that during the period of the Coronavirus, when the majority of people were powerless, every night, Rabbi Yochiyahu Pinto would isolate himself in Marrakech, locked up in his house. He received hundreds of questions a day, and for long hours, he expressed himself passionately, with all his heart. He provided us with stability and calm during his courses, which became a must. These courses were broadcast on all the social networks, and reached Jews all over the world. He soothed, supported and compassionately accompanied each of his listeners.”

“The Rabbi manages to touch the hearts of men through his wisdom, through his exclusive approach, which made him the most influential young Rabbi in Israel. Since then, tens of thousands of Jews have consulted him, religious as well as non-religious, rich as common people; he continues to conquer the world, through his intelligence, his simplicity and his accessibility, and he arouses admiration around him.”

“As I have said, important transactions throughout the world are settled by him, businessmen and large companies do not conclude any transaction without his agreement, while at the same time thousands of families of his pupils are spread out in almost sixty Baté Midrach throughout the world. The period of Covid-19 tells us more than anything else about the strength of the Rabbi and his community. At a time when worldwide there was a slowdown, confusion and helplessness, the Rabbi embodied stability and confidence in God, he guided his listeners with clear and precise instructions. He received questions in all areas, on the pandemic, on the obligation to protect oneself from disease, on the economic situation, on ill-being. “

As you mentioned, there are other rulers and heads of state who have a relationship with the Rabbi.

“Of course, when I was in Morocco, for example, I could see the deep relationship of respect that the Rabbi has with the Royal House of Morocco. His relationship with King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan leadership is remarkable, and the Rabbi himself spares no words to describe the kindness and intelligence of the king, a sovereign who is reminiscent of the former monarchs, as well as the fact that Morocco is a country where it is possible to achieve economic and spiritual success. The Rabbi himself has invited wealthy businessmen to invest in the country, and in the coming months he himself plans to establish a large Tora complex in Marrakech, where several hundred students of Yeshiva and Aurekhim will live. “

“But that’s not all, some of his relations are not yet known. I can say that other presidents, heads of state, diplomats and leaders of financial systems in Latin America – where our actions, both mine and those of my friend Yossi Eldar, are concentrated – have asked us for a blessing from the Rabbi and his advice, to guide them in their important economic endeavors. This action is particularly decisive at this difficult time for the world, when reality is proving that the power of the Rabbi can give an economic boost to these great organizations. “

Is there any chance of seeing the Rabbi in Honduras?

“Most likely, an invitation has already been sent to him, but not only from here, because, as I have said, the Rabbi has established close relations with leaders of other countries, and the time will come, with God’s help, to give concrete expression to these requests. “

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