The Royal Speech through the Eyes of the French Press

On Friday, French media highlighted the content of the speech of King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People.

They particularly covered the part dedicated to the situation of the Coronavirus outbreak and the concern expressed by the Sovereign over the “dramatic increase in the number of cases of infection with Covid-19.”

“Le Parisien” reports that the King referred to this situation as a ” difficult” one and called on citizens to be more “civic-minded” in order to prevent a reconfinement of the country.

His Majesty cautioned that “without strict and responsible respect for health instructions, the number of contaminations and deaths will rise sharply,” the daily points out, noting that the king has stressed that “hospitals will no longer be able withstand the pandemic”.

The Moroccan authorities have “recently multiplied restrictive measures, with the deployment of armored vehicles, roadblocks and control patrols,” the newspaper notes. It adds that in several cities areas most affected by infectious outbreaks have been surrounded by barriers and several beaches have been closed.

Furthermore, the King pointed out in his speech that the social and economic consequences “might be harsh for all citizens”.

Meanwhile, “Le Courrier de l’Atlas” notes that the King also called on “the living forces of the nation to show their commitment and vigilance and, in particular, to adhere unanimously to the efforts made at the national level, in order to sensitize society, awaken its conscience and guide it”. “In order to achieve the objective to get out of the current situation and take up the challenge of the fight against the pandemic, King Mohammed VI called on everyone to observe an exemplary and responsible civic conduct,” notes the French media.

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