Covid-19: Are Sports and Mask Compatible?

The Ministry of Health, in response to the justified questions of several citizens on the question, came to a decision. Wearing a mask during physical exercise is not mandatory at all.

On the contrary, it could be dangerous for the health of sports enthusiasts, stresses the department of Khalid Ait Taleb. For example, the coordinator of the National Public Health Emergency Operations Centre of the Ministry of Health recommends that masks should not be worn during these exercises, as they can lead to asphyxiation.

Dr. Mourad Mrabet thus declared, during the last weekly session devoted to the health crisis related to the new Coronavirus, that the mask gets wet and becomes a source of microbes during sports exercises. As a result, it is a danger to the health of sports enthusiasts. Therefore, the head of the Ministry of Health recommends the practice of sports in the open air and not in confined spaces, while respecting the recommended physical distance.

However, Dr. Mouad Mrabet did not fail to advise people whose body temperature is above normal or those who have a chronic cold to avoid any physical exercise.

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