Agadir: Towards the Closure of the Beaches?

Following the dramatic rise in cases of Covid-19 contaminations in Agadir, the authorities are getting ready to tighten restrictive measures to contain the risk of spreading the virus.

According to a press release from the prefecture of Agadir-Ida-Outanane, measures will soon be announced in this framework. Beaches should thus be closed and matches would no longer be broadcast in cafes, among other measures.

The decision to close the beaches would have been taken following the significant crowding in the region in recent weeks, especially after the drastic measures announced in some cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech.

Unfortunately, this increase in the number of visitors has led to a rise in the number of cases in the Agadir region, where several citizens are not complying with the preventive measures taken to fight against the Coronavirus.

The authorities have also called for strict compliance with preventive measures, the wearing of masks and respect for physical distance. At the same time, they recalled that the “uncooperative” will be punished.

It is worth recalling that the decree law 2.20.292 enacting specific measures for the state of health emergency provides that any offender is punishable by a sentence of one to three months in prison with a fine of 300 to 1,300 DH or one of the two penalties, without limiting the heavier penalty. The same penalties are imposed against all those who violate the decisions of the public authorities by using violence, threats, fraud or coercion.

The decree law provides for the same penalty for anyone who incites others to obstruct or contravene the decisions of the authorities by means of speeches, shouting or threats, or by any means using an electronic medium for this purpose.

This decree-law is part of the urgent preventive measures taken by the public authorities, in accordance with Article 21 of the Constitution, to ensure the security of the population and the national territory, while respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed to all.

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