“Morocco Day” in Washington Celebrates Martin Luther King

The sixth edition of “Morocco Day” will take place in Washington from January 17 to 19 and will celebrate this year Martin Luther King. The choice of this personality reflects the fact that he is considered a symbol of hope, to encourage the Moroccan community to move forward after this period of Coronavirus.

The organizers of this event told the website “Morocco Jewish Times” that the seminars will be held exclusively through live on digital and alternative platforms, featuring a group of professors, academics, digital professionals, creators and some Moroccan-American businessmen and women. This event is also an opportunity to begin the annual celebration of Morocco in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, D.C., as July 25 has become an annual and official date to celebrate Morocco in American Alexandria, following its official recognition by Mayor Justin Wilson. The event is also appreciated in Washington, which designated March 29 as an official day of celebration.

“Morocco Day” is also a chance to celebrate the historic relationship that ties Morocco to the United States at various levels, and to create new opportunities and initiatives for cooperation and exchange of expertise between institutions in both countries and between Moroccan and Moroccan-American entrepreneurs residing in Washington. It is also a chance to celebrate their experiences and accomplishments.

Thus, the event will begin on January 17 with a live virtual seminar, through which the topics of education, invention, entrepreneurship in the time of the pandemic and how to overcome its negative impacts will be discussed with experts from Morocco and North America. The second day will host several specialists, researchers and journalists to discuss the experiences of some Moroccans who have made a success of their lives in the United States, the experts will focus on the opportunities to strengthen relations between Morocco and the United States after the Coronavirus crisis, and more specifically on Moroccans living in the Washington area. The event will also be attended by many experts residing in the United States and Morocco and working in vital sectors that impact our lives, such as technology, education, innovation, health, tourism and business.

The last day is reserved for Martin Luther King and the messages of hope he conveyed.

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