Chefchaouen: Abou Hafs reacts to the expulsion of a niqab student from her school

Islamic studies scholar Abu Hafs said, in connection with the expulsion of a pupil from her school in Chefchaouen for wearing the niqab, that it is a crime to impose this dress code on a child.

Abu Hafs, whose real name is Abdelouahab Rafiqi, began by clarifying that the girl had not been expelled from her school but was asked to dress appropriately, before arguing that it is a crime to impose a certain ideology on a child that prevents him or her from interacting with teachers and students.

The state must put in place mechanisms to protect children, even from their parents. It is not because you are a father or mother that you have the right to do what you want to your child and impose your ideas on him or her,” he wrote, recalling that some past child-rearing practices have left psychological scars on many children.

This former Salafist sheikh and former prisoner, now “repentant”, also called for the young girl to be saved from the hands of this fundamentalist father and to offer her physical and moral protection.

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