TAS de Casablanca Returns with a Crucial Victory from Gambia

The Moroccan football team, TAS de Casablanca, started its journey in the African Confederation Cup, by winning a precious 0-1 away win at the expense of the Gambian team Gamtel FC. The match was played on Saturday on the field of the “Brickama Box Bar” stadium, in the Gambian city of Birikama, as part of the first round of this competition.

The Tas de Casablanca, led by French coach Nicolas Felbert, won the game thanks to a game-winning goal that came in the 84th minute of the game. The goal was scored from outside the penalty area with a powerful shot by substitute Yousef Al-Riani, who fired the ball into the top corner of the Gamtel FC goalkeeper’s net.

The representative of the national soccer and holder of the Throne Cup presented a heroic match. Particularly since most of its young members lacked experience of playing at the African level, but, fortunately, they were able to win the match and keep their net clean.

It should be noted that the return match between TAS de Casablanca and its opponent Gamtel the Gambian will take place at the Mohammed V stadium in Casablanca between December the 4th and 6th.

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