Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Morocco Has No Conflict on Land with Israel

Hassan Kaiba, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman told the Moroccan newspaper “Assabah” that peace between Morocco and Israel holds the way to the future for generations to come. By this, he indicated that the signing of a peace agreement between Morocco and the Hebrew state is inevitable.

In response to Assabah’s question about the rumors of normalization that have been spreading recently, following the signing of the peace agreement between the Emirates and the Hebrew state, the spokesman said: “We look forward to making peace with all countries and peoples who are ready. Peace is a victory for all, while wars only generate losses.”

He also clarified in the telephone call he had with the newspaper that Morocco has no border with Israel and therefore the two countries have no land conflict. However, there is no obstacle to making peace and spreading love between peoples, as has been the case between Jews and Muslims in Morocco for centuries, according to the spokesman.

The Israeli media reported on a list of countries likely to follow the UAE’s lead and sign a peace agreement with Israel. These include Morocco, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The newspaper “Times of Israel” even predicted that Morocco would be the next Arab country to sign the peace agreement with the Hebrew state, and this is exactly what was reported during the visit of American adviser Jared Kushner to Morocco, to promote the deal of the century.

Kushner, who is of Jewish origin, said in a statement to the media that the U.S. administration is negotiating with Arab countries to normalize relations in Israel, adding that these countries will be announced in the coming months. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is planning further agreements with Arab countries, made the same statement as Kushner.

Since the reign of the late King Hassan II, Morocco has been among the Arab countries that have relations with Israel since a number of Moroccan Jews live there, hold important positions in the country and visit Morocco regularly.

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