Rabbi Pinto Inaugurates a Religious School for Children

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto inaugurated a religious school for Moroccan Orthodox Jewish children in Casablanca, where most of them reside.

This religious school project is one of several that the rabbi has implemented to serve the community since his settlement in Morocco and his appointment as president of the Hebrew court.

Originally from Essaouira, the rabbi has provided several services to the country. Indeed, he has succeeded in persuading Jewish families in Israel to return to Morocco, as well as students to study in his Yeshiva in Beth El in the economic capital, and it is thanks to him that several Jews residing in different countries of the world have expressed their desire to return to live and invest in Morocco.

Thanks to Rabbi Pinto, the Jewish community in Morocco has regained confidence in kosher and kashrut food, which is of great importance in Jewish culture and religion. He personally supervises the slaughter and blesses the food before it is sold in Jewish businesses throughout the Kingdom.

Rabbi Pinto regularly gives religious lessons that are attended by the majority of the community. However, due to the Coronavirus crisis, he was forced to conduct these lessons live on social networks. These live lessons are attended by more than a million Jews around the world.

The famous rabbi, author of more than 100 religious books, including the Kabbalah, is always keen to pray for HM King Mohammed VI, for whom he has great compassion and affection, in his lessons. Moreover, he never fails to express his love for his country, a land of blessings that has always welcomed and protected Jews.

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