Rabbi Pinto Returns to Morocco after Undergoing Medical Tests in Paris

The Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto returned to Morocco last week after a short trip on his private jet to Paris where he underwent medical examinations and tests in one of the major hospitals in the French capital.

The Moroccan rabbi, who is president of the Hebrew court in Casablanca, is residing in Marrakech given that its climate is well suited to his illness. He is currently waiting to finalize his pre-trip arrangements to go to the United States.

Next September, he plans to perform a complicated operation in a hospital in New York where he has been treating his cancer for years.

During his stay in Paris, the rabbi met with several Jews living in France and preached a lesson to them. This lesson was attended by the Tunisian Minister of Tourism who is of Jewish origin. The rabbi and the minister then discussed ways in which the rabbi could do in Tunisia what he did in Morocco, such as founding a religious school, providing kosher food to Jews, and creating a Jewish court. The rabbi also opened a new religious school in Paris, in addition to other schools he has opened around the world, including Morocco and Israel.

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