The Creation of a Special Scientific Chair for Victims of Violence in Universities

The Ministry of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality and the Family has undertaken initiatives and measures to implement the policy to combat violence at all institutional and societal levels. The announcement was made by Minister Jamila El Moussali during the first national meeting of the 18th awareness campaign to combat violence against women, assisted by the Minister Delegate in charge of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

El Moussali said in this meeting that the theme “The Moroccan University and Violence against Women” reflects the importance of the university, scientific research institutes and executive training to discuss the skills of Morocco in the field of developing women’s rights, especially their protection from violence. She also stressed her ministry’s conviction of the need for the involvement of scientific research institutes in workshops that the various departments of the ministry are working to implement. This may be through proposals by presenting opinions and ideas to improve the intervention of the public act, or through the development of public policies and programs.

The Minister said that this conviction has been implemented on the ground by supporting several projects in Moroccan universities, explaining that these are scholarships for female students living in university halls of residence, improving access to education and the fight against university drop-out. In addition, listening centers will be created in university spaces, supporting this type of projects. The Ministry also aims to create university chairs in different national universities, including a special scientific chair to protect women victims of violence.

The minister said that the approach to violence suffered by women and girls through scientific research tools, whether related to studies of a social or humanitarian nature, is very important for the diagnosis of the current situation. A diagnosis based on reality and researching the causes and manifestations of violence, and then concerning the power of suggestion in relation to policies, public programs and measures for successful intervention to combat violence against women. It also requires Moroccan universities to dedicate research and studies to these causes in order to create an accumulation of knowledge, marking the willingness of the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality and the Family to ensure the success of this initiative through cooperation and collaboration between the ministry in charge and university institutes.

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