The Moroccan Ouahid Toumadi Wins an American Award

The Moroccan actor Ouahid Toumadi won an award at the Las Vegas Film Festival for his participation in the film “IN3Dragon”. Eight other actors from the same film also won awards at the famous American festival.

Toumadi, who lives in the United States and is known in Hollywood as Luca Toumadi, expressed his delight to have participated in the film, with professional actors who played alongside big stars such as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Van Dam and Jackie Chan. He added that the role he plays is that of a mafioso restaurant owner who gathers the rest of the members to plan their fights.

In a call with our website, Toumadi said that this is a film of karate and mafias that takes the viewer’s breath away with the suspenseful scenes that follow one another. The film is scheduled to be released soon on Netflix and Amazon.

Toumadi is a passionate actor and chef who in just a few years has become one of the most famous chefs in the city. He owns a restaurant with Moroccan and Italian specialties.

He was born in Mohammadia and immigrated from Italy, where he lived for many years and studied and practiced the culinary arts, to the United States in 1996. The culinary field is the bridge that gave him access to the cinema, meeting several actors, producers, journalists and celebrities, as he visits private homes to cook in various ceremonies.

Along with the awards he has won for his roles, Toumadi has won several prizes in international culinary competitions in which he has participated.

In addition, Toumadi hosts a Skype program called “Mangi with Chef Toumadi”, where he teaches people how to cook simple and easy dishes.

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